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2 in 1 out displayport KVM Switch KVM201DP1

1. Allows two computers to be connected in
2. Native console connections includes DP ouptut, three USB2.0 Hub
3. Native console connections includes R/L audio output and Mic input
4. With Infrared remote control
5. Resolution up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz, beyond 1080p
6. Supports Mac and PC systems
7. Supports plug-and-play USB keyboards, mice, and connected peripherals
8. VESA and CEA compliant
9. No driver required
10.With both DP and HDMI outputs
11.Operate via manual button or remote.
This is one of the best Displayport KVM Switch with so many features. It allows two computers to be connected to the same console. Not only DP and USB signals are switched through the KVM switcher, but also the R/L audio and Mic. Which would be very convenient to the users. Another unique feature is the IR remote control function which is seldom seen in such kind of KVMs. This KVM switch could also be used as a DP to HDMI converter to connect the PC to HDMI displays such as TV set directly.

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